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What are the numbers on the again of my Social Security card?

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By Staff , in Social Security , at October 11, 2021

The Social Security Act was handed in 1935 lengthy earlier than computer systems. In order that the civil servants tasked with sustaining the information might achieve this in an orderly means, a system was devised to extra simply catalogue Social Security Numbers and allocate numbers across the nation.

Nonetheless, identical to with the symbols on a greenback invoice the ether world is rife with theories about what the numbers on a Social Security card signify. Some assume they’re for nefarious functions, whereas others might get you into authorized hassle.

Myths surrounding Social Security Numbers

Because the saying goes “A lie can journey midway world wide earlier than the reality can get its boots on.” That is true for innovations about Social Security Numbers and the numbers on the again of Social Security playing cards. Regardless of the very best of efforts to tell the general public of the benign and humdrum nature of each, rumors and myths proceed to flow into about what they’re actually for.

Your Social Security Quantity is a secret checking account

This fable might get you into sizzling water and although the Federal Reserve put out a warning years in the past, it reemerged with the covid-19 pandemic. The story goes that folks have a non-public “secret” account on the Federal Reserve and that they will pay payments or get cash out of the account utilizing the routing variety of the Fed and their Social Security Quantity.

First off, a non-public particular person can’t have an account on the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the central financial institution for the USA and handles transactions between establishments not people. The routing numbers the establishment makes use of are for sorting funds and usually are not like those a retail financial institution makes use of. Making an attempt to pay your payments this fashion might end in late payment penalties and potential legal expenses in keeping with the Fed.

Social Security Numbers used for racial discrimination

The declare that companies, universities and banks can inform an applicant’s race primarily based on their Social Security Quantity goes again to no less than to 1999. regarded into this on the time however the fable, like the previous, made a comeback in the course of the pandemic on one of many favourite platforms for spreading false data, Fb. The Social Security Administration, conscious of the parable, revealed why they assume the thought took place.

Posts on Fb claimed, as over 20 years in the past, that the fifth digit of your Social Security quantity indicated your racial id. Based on the parable, if the fifth digit of your Social Security Quantity is an odd quantity then you definately’re white and whether it is even you’re non-white. The Social Security Administration ventures that that is as a result of the fifth digit is within the collection of numbers known as the “group quantity”. The company factors out that when making use of for a Social Security Quantity it’s voluntary to mark on the shape what ethnicity you relate to.

How are Social Security Numbers assigned?

The Social Security Administration as of 2008 had issued over 450 million Social Security Numbers. Since then, the US inhabitants has grown by practically ten %. In 2011 the company modified the best way it issued new numbers utilizing a “randomization” course of. This was to “assist shield the integrity” of the numbers and “prolong the longevity of the nine-digit SSN nationwide.”

Previous to the change, the 9 quantity scheme was divided into three quantity classes; space, group and serial.

The primary three digits symbolize a geographical area of the place the appliance for the cardboard was made.

The second set of two digits “has no particular geographic or information significance” in keeping with the company. The “group numbers” weren’t assigned in consecutive order and are “used to interrupt the numbers into blocks of handy dimension” for processing and management the amount of numbers assigned to states and areas. The administration started with odd numbers after which used even numbers.

The final 4 digits run consecutively from 0001 to 9999 inside every group assigned, so those that enter a brand new group first have a decrease quantity.

What are the numbers on the again of a Social Security card?

The numbers on the reverse of a Social Security card even have their very own conspiracy theories hooked up to them. Kevin Drum at Mom Jones did some digging after studying an article by his colleague David Corn who was instructed the numbers point out the financial institution that owns you. Based on the story, if you find yourself born you’re put up as “collateral for the banks.”

Drum offers some blogposts from these looking for comparable data and led down the conspiracy path. Nonetheless, his analysis uncovered that after once more, the numbers haven’t any sinister use however are merely a instrument for managing Social Security numbers. A federal employee instructed him the numbers are for stock management in order that each clean card printed will be accounted for.

Social Security playing cards are printed very similar to greenback payments, even on banknote paper when potential, and have a serial quantity together with different security options to forestall them from being counterfeited. The quantity on the again will help the company confirm if a selected card is legit or false when checked towards the Social Security Administration’s database then correlated with the social security quantity and title on the cardboard.

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