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SAVVY SENIOR: How does Social Security work when a partner or ex-spouse dies? | Existence

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By Staff , in Social Security , at October 10, 2021

When you wait till your full retirement age, which is 66 for individuals born in 1945-1954 and can step by step enhance to age 67 for individuals born in 1960 or later, you’ll obtain 100% of your deceased spouses or ex-spouses profit quantity. However, if you happen to apply between age 60 and your full retirement age, your profit might be someplace between 71.5-99% of their profit.

There may be, nonetheless, one exception. Surviving spouses and ex-spouses which might be caring for a kid or kids of the deceased employee, and they’re age 16 or youthful or disabled, are eligible to obtain 75% of the employee’s profit quantity at any age.

Single kids: Surviving single kids age 18 or youthful, or as much as age 19 in the event that they’re nonetheless attending highschool, are eligible for survivor advantages too. Advantages can be paid to kids at any age in the event that they had been disabled earlier than age 22 and stay disabled. Each organic and adoptive kids are eligible, in addition to children born out of wedlock. Dependent stepchildren and grandchildren may additionally qualify. Youngsters’s advantages are 75% of the employee’s profit.

You must also know that along with survivor advantages, a surviving partner or baby may additionally be eligible to obtain a particular lump-sum dying cost of $255.

Dependent mother and father: Advantages can be paid to dependent mother and father who’re age 62 and older. For fogeys to qualify as dependents, the deceased employee would have had to supply at the very least one-half of the dad or mum’s monetary assist.

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